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I believe the Bible is the most important book world. So, my goal is to help people understand the Bible better through my writing and teaching. My books are not for the university or seminary classroom. They are for the person sitting in the pew. I want to help people understand God's Word so they can apply it to their every day life.

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August, 2022

Have you ever wondered what heaven would be like?

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About Dr. Neale B. Oliver

Dr. Neale B. Oliver was born in Louisville, Kentucky. He is a graduate of East Texas Baptist University, Baylor University, and Andersonville Theological Seminary. He and his wife, Glynis, reside in Cleburne, Texas. Dr. Oliver has three children–Roger, Ryne, and Robbi-Ann–as well as two grandchildren, Grayson and Preslee. He has been in the ministry for 31 years, serving churches as pastor since 1998. His first book, All About The Second Coming of Christ, was published in 2019, and his second, What’s Up in Heaven? in 2022. Dr. Oliver is an avid golfer and fan of his home state team, the Kentucky Wildcats.

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"With the fear of the unknown fueling anxiety in our culture, Dr. Oliver does a masterful job, carefully unpacking two of life's major mysteries. Those being: What exactly is up in Heaven? And how do we get there?

Backed and saturated with Scripture, this book will equip and encourage every reader to overcome those fears and to put more confidence in the God of the Universe. Our world needs to see more than ever the beautiful picture of what God has prepared for those who love Him! This book is a peace giver, confidence builder, and an anxiety killer. I strongly recommend it to young and old!“

-Jake McEntire, Creator, Writer & Producer of the motion picture Run The Race; Director of Development for Rising Light Ridge with the Tim Tebow Foundation.

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